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Canadian and World Studies



Aginam, C.

Burchmore, L.

Craig, N.

Czesnik, D.

Durant, M.

Elliott, B.

Malcolmson, N.

Soots, A.

Salem, H


Courses Offered:

CGC 1D/P       Issues in Canadian Geography

CHV 2O          Civics

CHC 2D/2P     20th Century Canadian History
  • Starting with WWI up to the 21st Century, thus course Includes: Canada’s involvement with major battles in WWI, the roaring 20’s and Great Depression; Women’s Rights and the Suffrage Movement; Canada and WW2; Cold War; Regional Issues’ Indigenous Issues and Multiculturalism
  • Potential Field trips include: Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma

CGC 3O          Travel and Tourism

CLU 3M          Introduction to Law
This course covers Canadian law, focusing on issues relevant to Canadians' lives. You'll learn about rights, freedoms, our legal system, and various areas of law. You'll develop legal reasoning skills and apply legal thinking to analyze and form opinions on legal issues.
Potential trips:  Superior Court in Toronto, depending on what is out - movies related to law.


CHW3M         World History to the 15th Century (Ancient and Medieval History)

From the Big Bang to the Renaissance and its relevance today: human evolution, ancient civilizations (Egypt, Greece, Rome), Medieval Europe, Aztecs, Mayans.

Potential Field trips: Royal Ontario Museum, Medieval Times


CHT3O          World History Since 1900: Global Regional Interactions

Commencing from the dawn of the 20th Century, students delve into worldwide and local disputes that emerged across diverse nations and territories, notably in Africa and Asia.

Encompasses: The transition into the century, WWI, Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, WWII, Cold War, and contemporary global affairs.

CHY 4U/4C      World History since the 15th Century (The West and the World)

Commencing with the Renaissance, this course follows the evolution of ideas, movements, and events that have influenced our world.

Encompasses: Renaissance, Reformation, exploration, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment, French Revolution, Napoleonic Era, Industrial Revolution, Romanticism, State Formation, WWI, and 20th-century advancements.
  • Excursions may include trips to ROM and Art Gallery of Ontario


CGC               Issues in Canadian Geography
This course studies Canada's connections with global natural and human systems. Students explore environmental, economic, and social issues like transportation, energy, and urban development. They apply geographic thinking to propose sustainable solutions for Canada.
Ptential Trips: Rouge National Park


CGG 301 
This course explores global travel and tourism, studying environmental, cultural, economic, and political aspects. Students analyze travel patterns, tensions, and future destinations, applying geographic thinking to assess industry impacts.
Potential trips: CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto Zoo, Canada’s Wonderland


In CGW, students tackle the task of fostering a sustainable, fair world. They study diverse topics like economic gaps, environmental threats, globalization, human rights, and living standards. Analyzing government policies, global pacts, and personal duties, they use geographic thinking and spatial technologies to probe these issues and their global effects.
Potential Trips: Toronto Green Living Show, Toronto urban planning walking tour.


In CLN4U, students study contemporary legal issues in Canadian and international law. They explore topics like religion, security, cyberspace, immigration, crimes against humanity, and environmental protection, analyzing rights and freedoms. Through this exploration, they develop legal thinking skills, apply the legal inquiry process, and gain insights into conflict resolution in international law.
Potential Trips:  Superior Court in Toronto, Prison visit - Kingston Pen., movies related to law

CHI 4U          Canadian History

CLN 4U          Canadian and International Law

CGW 4U         Canadian and World Issues


Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 and 10 (Canadian and World Studies)

Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 and 12 (Canadian and World Studies)

Online writing lab offering global support through online reference materials and services for creating citations, cover letters, major-specific writing help, and general writing advice.

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