Virtual Art Shows

 Grade 10, 11 Ceramics & 12 Art


 Grade 9 Art


 Grade 11 Photography

 Grade 9 Visual Arts 


 Music Ensembles

Senior Concert Band - Tuesdays after school in room 1026

Junior Concert Band - Wednesdays after school in room 1026

Jazz Band - Thursdays after school in room 1026


Dance Groups

Dance Team - Wednesdays after school in room 2078

Hip Hop Club - Thursdays after school in 2078

Contemporary Dance -  Fridays after school


Drama Groups

Drama Club - Thursdays after school in room 1009


Music Theatre

Production of 'Little Shop of Horrors' in June 2020



Business and Computer Studies


Canadian and World Studies



Aginam, C.

Burchmore, L.

Cornish, G

Craig, N.

Czesnik, D.

Durant, M.

Elliott, B.

Malcolmson, N.

Okaeme, A.

Soots, A.



Courses Offered:

CGC 1D/P       Issues in Canadian Geography

CHV 2O          Civics

CHC 2D/P       Canadian History

CGC 3O          Travel and Tourism

CLU 3M          Introduction to Law

CHW 3M        World History to the end of the 15th Century

CHA 3U          American History

CHY 4U/C      World History Since the 15th Century

CHI 4U           Canadian History

CLN 4U          Canadian and International Law

CGW 4U         Canadian and World Issues


Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 and 10 (Canadian and World Studies)

Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 and 12 (Canadian and World Studies)


Cooperative Education


Modern Languages


Teachers:   Mme  Shariff and Mme Garber


Courses this semester:  FSF 1P1

                                           FSF 1D1

                                           FSF 2D1

                                           FSF 3U1

                                           FSF 4U1




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Health and Physical Education








Social Sciences and Humanities


Inclusive Student Services


Making Education Special


 We are here to help
  • Our inclusive services department is here to help. We work with students that have a wide range of abilities and provide the necessary accommodations to help them be successful in high school and to reach their desired destination after high school, whatever that happens to be.
  • If you have questions of concerns about your child and they have an IEP please contact us at 905 420 1885

    Mrs. Andrea Adamson ext. 232 052 (for enquiries regarding students in Small class placements)


    Mrs. Daune Clarke ext. 232 050  (for enquiries regarding students in Mainstream classes)  

  • Pine Ridge Inclusive Student Services Web Site
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 Upcoming important dates/time periods you should be aware of if your child has an IEP
  • October
    • Updated IEPS are sent home for parent/guardian(s) to review
  • Early - Late March
    • All parents/guardians of students with an IEP will receive an invitation letter to the annual IPRC meeting.  If you are interested in attending, please follow the instructions to book your appointment time.
  • 1st Week of April
    • Deadline for parent/guardians of student with an IEP to respond by electronically booking their time slot for the annual review of placement meeting.
  • April
    • The annual IPRC meeting will be held for all students with an IEP.
What is an IEP
  • An IEP is an Individual Education Plan
  • Students who have received a professional assessment may be deemed to be a student with special needs
  • This is a specific plan that explains an exceptional student’s strengths and needs and states any necessary accommodations or modifications to support the student’s learning needs based on their specific identification
  • This document also includes the student’s goal when leaving high school
What is an IPRC
  • A committee within each school made up to discuss how to best support the needs of students with special needs.
  • What does IPRC stands for?

I – Identification

P – Placement

R – Review

C – Committee

IPRC or review of placement meetings

Technological Education