We support students' academic and personal well-being. Through a variety of academic programs and supports, extra-curricular activities and community involvement, we are committed to our students' positive experience in school. 

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PRSS Inclusive Student Services



Student Academic Resource - In Case We Go Online


If we do not return to in-person learning after the break,

 Academic Resource support is still available.


Ensure that you are connected to our Google Classroom:


AR google classroom code - ggdnnyb

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Here is what it looks like...


Click the Meet link to connect with a teacher for support.

Parents/Guardians, please use our REMIND link to connect with us OR send us an email:


Remind class code:  @prss-incss


Emails of AR Teachers:   

Email of AR/Small Class Teachers: 



Our inclusive student services department is here to help.

We work with students that have a wide range of abilities and provide the necessary accommodations and or modifications to help them be successful in high school and to reach their desired destination after high school, whatever that happens to be.

This website can provide you with information to help you learn about the supports we offer students and the procedures necessary to access them.


Need Help Navigating the Secondary Mainstream Student Schedule? Click Here


Need extra help or have a question? Click here to join our REMIND !


Want to Book a Help Slot?

Do these TWO (2) THINGS:

1. Join this Google Classroom

CODE: ggdnnyb


2. Complete the assignment called "Book an Appointment for AR HELP TIME" by using the calendar link to book a time slot. Remember to tell us what you need help with in the 'Notes' section at the bottom right of the booking page.



The Library Learning Commons contains a variety of resources to help support you academically. We also provide homework help through the Mathify program.

Plan your education
 Read the following resources to help plan your high school education:
Prior learning assessment
If you earned high school credits in another province or country, contact Durham Continuing Education's Credential Centre for information on the process for transferring high school credits to the DDSB.