We support students' academic and personal well-being. Through a variety of academic programs and supports, extra-curricular activities and community involvement, we are committed to our students' positive experience in school.

Academic support

The Library Learning Commons contains a variety of resources to help support you academically. We also provide homework help through the Mathify program.

Plan your education

Read the following resources to help plan your high school education:

Prior learning assessment

If you earned high school credits in another province or country, contact Durham Continuing Education's Credential Centre for information on the process for transferring high school credits to the DDSB.

Transcript Ordering

Transcript Ordering

***At This Time We Can Only Process Transcripts For Students That Attended Pine Ridge From 2006-2020***

There will be a $5 fee per transcript, and an extra fee if you choose to have your transcript delivered by courier.

After you complete your payment, you MUST send an email to to provide the student's full name and date of birth. If you paid for shipping, please include the full shipping address information and a contact phone number in your email. 

Please allow 2 business days for processing.


****Transcripts Cannot Be Picked Up At The School At This Time****

Please click here to order your transcript