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Chromebook Support

If you are having issues with your device please have your teacher submit a help ticket via the IT Services portal.

Grade 12 Chromebook Returns 2024


More information to come.


Find a file you don't think you deleted
 Try these steps

Check the activity panel

  1. On a computer, go to
  2. At the left, click My Drive.
  3. At the top right, click Info Info.
  4. Scroll down and look for your file.

Use an advanced search

  1. On a computer, go to
  2. At the top, in the search bar  click the Down arrow Down arrow.
  3. Use the advanced search options to find your file. For example, to see spreadsheets, next to 'Type,' click the down arrow, then click 'Spreadsheets.'
How to Log Into a Chromebook

Log In Instructions Click Here


 Trouble Shooting

Chromebook Powerwash Instructions


 1. Sign out of your Chromebook

Note:  any data stored on the Chromebook’s hard drive will be lost following the Powerwash


 2. Press the key  combination: ESC + Refresh + Power Button



 3. On the Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card screen, press CTRL + D





 4. On the To turn OS verification… screen press ENTER






 5. On the OS verification is OFF screen press ENTER





 6. The Chromebook will restart



 7. On the Welcome screen click Let’s Go






 8. On the Connect to Network  select a WiFi network and click Next


Note: if at a DDSB Network location select Ignite-Mobile if available.








 9. On the Google Chrome OS terms screen click Accept and Continue





 10. The Chromebook will check for updates and may update at this time



 11. Automatic Enterprise Enrollment to DDSB will occur. 





 12. At the You are enrolled successfully screen click Done


 13. Your Chromebook is now Powerwashed and ready to use!

Downloadable PDF Available Here