Chromebook Information

 Trouble Shooting

Chromebook​ ​Powerwash​ ​Instructions


 1. Sign out of your Chromebook

Note:  any data stored on the Chromebook’s hard drive will be lost following the Powerwash


 2. Press​ ​the​ ​key​ combination: ​​ ​ESC + Refresh + Power Button



 3. On the Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card screen, press CTRL + D





 4. On the To turn OS verification… screen press ENTER






 5. On the OS verification is OFF screen press ENTER





 6. The Chromebook will restart



 7. On the Welcome screen click Let’s Go






 8. On the Connect to Network  select a WiFi network and click Next


Note: if at a DDSB Network location select Ignite-Mobile if available.





 9. Enter appropriate credentials to connect to WiFi and click Connect






 10. On the Google Chrome OS terms screen click Accept and Continue





 11. The Chromebook will check for updates and may update at this time



 12. Automatic Enterprise Enrollment to DDSB will occur. 





 13. At the You are enrolled successfully screen click Done


 14. Your Chromebook is now Powerwashed and ready to use!

Downloadable PDF Available Here
 Requesting a Replacement Device (When a Powerwash Did Not Fix Issue)
If a reset of the device did not resolve the issue please contact your Teacher or VP.
We will require the students name, current full address and a short description of the issue.
From there we can process a request to have a replacement device and a return label mailed to the students home address.
Once the replacement device is received we ask that the non functioning device be packed in the received packaging and shipped back with the return label.
 Requesting A Replacement Charger


For replacement chargers please contact your Teacher or VP. 

Chargers are not covered under warranty and therefore are chargeable and can be paid for Via School Cash Online.


The fee for a replacement charger is $35.00.

Once payment has been received the charger will be shipped to the students address.