Ontario secondary students must meet specific requirements to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Graduation requirements

Completion of 30 total credits (18 compulsory credits and 12 optional)

Compulsory credits

16 credits from specific categories

  • 4 credits - English (one per grade level)
  • 3 credits - Mathematics (at least one at the senior level)
  • 2 credits - Science
  • 1 credit - Arts (music, art, or drama)
  • 1 credit - French as a second language credit
  • 1 credit - Canadian geography 
  • 1 credit - Canadian history 
  • 1 credit - Health and physical education
  • .5 credit - Career studies
  • .5 credit - Civics 

1 additional credit from each of 3 groups

  • Group 1
  • English as third language; French as a second language; Social Sciences and Humanities; Canadian/World Studies; Guidance and Career Education; Cooperative Education; Native language; Classical or international language
  • Group 2
  • Arts; Business Studies; Health and Physical Education; French as a second language; Cooperative Education
  • Group 3
  • Science, Technological Education; Computer Studies; French as a second language; Cooperative Education


  • In groups 1, 2, and 3, a maximum of 2 credits in French as a second language
  • Cooperative Education can count as compulsory credits, one from group 1 and 1 from either group 2 or group 3, for a total of 2 credits 

Community Involvement Hours

  • Students are required to complete 40 hours of Community Involvement are required.


  • Successful completion of the Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) or the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC)​ is required.

Cap & Gown

Cap & Gown Count Down

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 Pine Ridge Graduation Messages

A message to PRSS 2019/20 Graduates from Trustee Crawford:

 Graduates you have just completed a long journey with lots of help along the way. Take the time to recognize all those that supported you: Parents, Family, Teachers, and all support Staff of the DDSB, taxpayers and government your friends, and fellow classmates.  Save the largest applause and greatest congratulations for yourselves. You have spent 63.3%  (do the math) of your young lives working through the challenges of an educational system. That is a major accomplishment. You should be proud. 

 Chris Braney and Paul Crawford and the full Board send their congratulations and thanks for making us look good.


A message to PRSS 2019/20 graduates from Trustee and Board Chairperson Chris Braney:


A message to PRSS 2019/20 graduates from Acting Director of the DDSB Norah Marsh:


Pine Ridge Graduation Video From Staff